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London International Food and Craft Beer Expo! No Comments

This years’ London International Food and Craft Beer Festival was absolutely amazing! Even the rain couldn’t stop the crowds from waiting in line to order one of our foot-long BBQ Sausages served in a freshly baked Polish bun. We loved getting to meet and talk with so many amazing people, and a lot of folks… Read more »

Sikorski Sausages At London Kids' Expo 2018! 1 Comment

This past weekend (June 15-17) we set up our tent at the Childrens’ Festival and London Kids’ Expo in London, Ontario’s own Victoria Park! There were fun games, exciting rides, and some great music while we served some of our signature barbecued sausages to hundreds of hungry parents and kids. It was a lot of… Read more »

Potato Babka

Potato Babka

servesx2-4cook time90 min

Grate the potatoes and pat dry with a paper towel. Dice or finely chop the onion and combine in a large bowl with the grated potatoes. Preheat oven to 350F. Add eggs, flour, marjoram, pepper and salt to bowl and mix gently. Finely dice bacon and fry in a pan, then add to bowl and… Read more »

Bacon Cabbage Rolls - Golabki

Today we will share with you one of our favourite recipes for a wonderful traditional Polish Dish! Cabbage Rolls -called “Golabki” in Polish- are a delicious delicacy and a trademark of Polish cuisine. The name “Golabki” means “little pigeons” in Polish, but this meal does not contain any birds: just a lot of bacon! Preparation… Read more »



servesx2-3cook time20-30 min

This dish was introduced to Poland in the mid-sixteenth century by an Italian queen named Bona Sforza when she was married to the Polish king Sigismund the Old. Sometimes referred to as “Polish lasagna”, Lazanki captures a special blend of Italian and Polish cuisine that combines the best of both cultures. Preparation 1. Shred Cabbage… Read more »