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Some Kind Words From Our Customers

Some Kind Words From Our Customers


Recently, we heard from one of our customers who wanted us to know how much they enjoyed our Village Sausage:

“I have had a fair share of this type of sausage over the years and I will say.. yours is some very fine stuff I have ever had in my 45+ years. Thanks for sharing your product with us all..”Mark (last name withheld)

Thanks for writing, Mark! We’re glad to share our products with you and all our other customers. Here’s hoping that the weather clears up and allows us all to get grilling again real soon.

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  1. Eleanor Vander Meulen

    Just bought some Village Sausage today. I’m wondering if this sausage fits in the category of cured sausage?

    • Sikorski Sausages

      That’s a very good question! Our Village Sausage does contain some sodium nitrate, which is used as part of the curing process to help it stay fresh. We also put in a little salt, for flavour, and then smoke it until it is fully cooked and ready for you to enjoy. Because of this process, it is considered a cured sausage. Thanks for asking!