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Product of the Month - German Wieners

Product of the Month – German Wieners


Hello and welcome again to our Product of the Month! This time we have chosen to highlight a brand new take on an old favorite – our German Wieners! This savory and delicious wiener is high in protein and provides energy to spare, with a satisfying snap in every bite. Our German Wiener is prepared in the traditional style, blending premium cuts of pork and beef with specially selected spices to bring out its incredible flavor. Fans of the original German Wieners may notice that this recipe is a little different: after speaking to our friends and fans, we have reduced the size of this product to make it perfect for snacking! Our new German Wieners are great by themselves, but they can also be used to make incredible appetizers for your next party. Cut some up and serve them with a sampling of dipping sauces, wrap them in pastry for pigs-in-a-blanket, or lay them in halved dinner rolls to make mini hot dog sliders! If you want a quick snack to give you a boost between meals, a nice appetizer to get your party started or just some traditional flavor in a convenient package, check out our German Wieners.

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