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Product of the Month - Wood Smoked Bacon

Product of the Month – Wood Smoked Bacon


It’s time again for our Product of the Month! For September, we have chosen to spotlight our Wood-Smoked Bacon. We craft this bacon using premium rib-in pork, which makes for a leaner and meatier product – because it has less fat, it tends to shrink less when fried, which makes it ideal for topping off burgers or sandwiches, or just setting next to some eggs and toast in the morning. As the name suggests, we only use natural wood smoke to prepare our bacon, which helps to give it the complex and deliciously smokey flavor that it is known for. This product won a Platinum Award in the Side Bacon category in the 2013 Ontario’s Finest Meat Competition, and we feel that it was well deserved. Thick, juicy, meaty and smoky, our Wood-Smoked Bacon is the perfect addition to any meal: you can crumble it on salad or in soups, mix it into omelettes or casseroles, or lay it on top of any sandwich that needs a little extra kick.

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