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Product of the Month - Village Sausage

Product of the Month – Village Sausage


Hello, and welcome once again to our Product of the Month! This month, we are placing the spotlight on our classic Village Sausage. The Village Sausage is a rustic, savoury sausage that can be easily distinguished by the beautiful red colour of its casing. Our Village Sausage has a distinct flavour that makes it stand up well as a pizza topping, or as part of a casserole, or simply sliced up and served alongside some cheese or crackers as an appetizer or afternoon snack.

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    • Sikorski Sausages

      Thanks for the kind words, Scott! The Village Sausage is one of our favorites, too.

  1. Lyndon

    Can you buy village sausage in the uk I live in Wales and haven’t seen them in my local shops all the best Lyndon

    • Sikorski Sausages

      Hello, Lyndon!

      Sorry, but at this time our sausages are only available in North America. We are always working to expand to new areas, though, and we are very glad to hear from our fans all over the world! We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have any products in your area!