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Product of the Month - Single Smoked Loin

Product of the Month – Single Smoked Loin


Hello again and welcome to our Product of the Month! This month, we will be focusing on the succulent and juicy Single Smoked Loin. Our Single Smoked Loin can be cut thick into boneless chops and served alongside a salad or other side dish for a quick and easy meal on a hectic weekday. Since we use the highest quality pork loin and carefully smoke it with our natural wood smoke, it is already cooked through with delicious smoky flavor, and only needs to be heated up to your preferred temperature in order for it to be ready. You can cut it into strips for a delicious stir fry, shred it and put it in the slow cooker for pulled pork, or just slice it thin and layer it on a sandwich for a quick lunch. If you or a loved one has food allergies, we can assure you that our Single Smoked Loin has no soy, no gluten, no lactose, and no MSG. In addition to being convenient, quick, and versatile, this lightly smoked and juicy loin is also just plain delicious.

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