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Product of the Month - Polish Ham Kolbassa

Product of the Month – Polish Ham Kolbassa


Hello, and welcome again to our Product of the Month! This is a feature where we cast some light on our products that are deserving of some appreciation. This month, we are looking at our Polish Ham Kolbassa – a finely ground ham sausage that is perfect for appetizers. If you’re making your own pizza at home, sliced ham kolbassa works great as a pizza topping – it crisps up in the oven and helps give a salty ham kick that works great on a meat lovers’ or hawaiian pizza. Unlike some of our other sausages, this perfectly seasoned Polish Ham Kolbassa is finely ground for a smooth and soft texture that compliments the snap of its natural casing. If you are looking for a more subtle and sophisticated sausage, or if you just prefer the flavor and texture of ham, then this might very well be the right sausage for you.

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