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Product of the Month - Heritage Sausage

Product of the Month – Heritage Sausage


Hello, and welcome once more to our Product of the Month! This month, we are pleased to introduce you to our newest product – Heritage Sausage!

Our Heritage Sausage is a Long Sausage that is light in color (similar to Huron Sausage in appearance), but with a light and crumbly texture and a more delicate flavor than our regular smoked sausage. Unlike our other sausages, the Heritage Sausage is oven-roasted, which is what makes it have such a different flavour and texture. Because of the way that the sausage is cooked, it is also lower in fat, with 45% less fat per serving than our regular Huron Sausage, and is free of gluten and MSG, making it a delicious option for our more health-conscious customers.

This sausage is excellent for topping pizzas, mixing into pasta, or blending into recipes, since the lighter flavor will not overpower other ingredients. It also pairs well with aged cheese and will provide a light, refreshing flavor and interesting new texture to your next charcuterie board when sliced and served on its own. Perfect as a snack, a main course, or a delicious way to add protein to a recipe while cutting back a little on the fat, we think that you’ll love this new sausage just as much as we do!

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