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Product of the Month - Garlic Sausage

Product of the Month – Garlic Sausage


Hello, and welcome once again to our Product of the Month! This month marks Canada Day, and in honour of all the celebrations we are turning the spotlight on one of our most celebrated products – our Garlic Sausage! Also known as Swojska sausage, this tender and delicious sausage is one of our most requested and enjoyed products. Garlic Sausage is a one of our longer, larger sausages, which makes it great for slicing, chopping, and mixing into recipes, and it is perfectly seasoned with fresh garlic and spices mixed right into the meat to ensure that the flavours blend just right. Great as an ingredient or as a main course, these sausages are both soy and gluten-free, and their superior taste and texture won them the Platinum award for kielbasa in the 2013 Ontario Finest Meats competition. Order some today, and celebrate in style with these beautiful and delicious sausages sizzling on your grill!

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  1. Joanne Dereta

    Dear Sikorski.
    Do all of your sausages contain paprika or other chillie type ingredients? For example, are the turkey kabanosi paprika free? I have a chilli allergy but love kolbassa. I hope you can help!

    • Sikorski Sausages

      Hello! Many of our sausages do contain paprika and other chili peppers (especially the spicy sausages!), but not every sausage does. Our Turkey Kolbassa does not contain any paprika or chili peppers, and should be safe for you to enjoy. Our Chicken and Turkey BBQ Sausage with Parsley and our Chicken and Turkey Kabanos, however, do contain small amounts of dehydrated red bell peppers and other spices – depending on the severity of your allergy, you might be affected. As always when dealing with a food allergy, we recommend that you err on the side of caution. If you are unsure what a product might contain, it is always best to avoid that product until someone can assure you that it is safe.

  2. Arno Freitag

    I love European sausages, I obtained a sample of your garlic sausage, but could not find any notation of the ingredients. Please reply.

    • Sikorski Sausages

      Hello! We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed our Garlic Sausage. Sorry to hear that you were having trouble finding our ingredient listings, but if you check right here on our website, we always show our ingredients and nutritional information for our products – just go to the “Products” section and select the one you want to know more about!