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Product of the Month - Baltyk Ham

Product of the Month – Baltyk Ham


It’s time again for our Product of the Month! For December, we have decided to give some attention to a classic product – our Baltyk Ham! This was one of the first hams that we produced, and we still craft it according to the original recipe passed down to us. Every Baltyk Ham is tied and held together with string while it cooks, not pressed or formed into shape, which gives every one a unique hand-crafted appearance. Deliciously savoury, this old-fashioned ham is perfect as part of a sandwich or diced and added to an omelette. Because our Baltyk Hams are carefully seasoned and smoked before we ship them, all you need to do is heat them up and serve them sliced thick for a quick main dish on a busy workday. No matter how you slice it, we think you’ll agree that the Baltyk Ham is a true classic.

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