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An experience in modern Polish cuisine...

An experience in modern Polish cuisine…


“After 26 years of freedom, Polish cuisine is no longer fat, heavy, or boring. It is light, fancy, sophisticated, based on regional products,” explained the Polish amabassador’s wife, Katarzyna Bosacka. “Polish cuisine goes back to its roots, traditions, and local products.”

On June 21st, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, located in Ottawa, ON, held a gathering to celebrate modern Polish cuisine. Journalists, food critics, and chefs had the opportunity to not only learn about the democratic and economic changes that have occurred in Poland in the last 26 years, but also to sample the new culinary experiences it has to offer.


We were proud to have our products included in this inspiring and educational celebration of Polish food. Sikorski Sausages is dedicated to creating high quality meats while embracing the passionate spirit of our Polish heritage.

In addition to our products, guests also sampled Polish yoghurt-vegetable cold-soups (chłodnik) with beets or cucumbers and mint, herring in lemon boats on a red onion jam, turkey in apple and bison grass vodka (żubrówka) sauce with spinach dumplings (kopytka), Polish apple pie, and cold cheese cake.


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