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21st Annual Travel & Vacation Show

21st Annual Travel & Vacation Show


With spring around the corner and travel on the mind, over 17,000 visitors flocked to the 21st Annual Travel & Vacation show held this past weekend in Ottawa, Ontario. The show featured over 190 exhibitors representing more than 55 countries including Belize, Turkey, Greenland, and, of course, Poland!  The Polish booth was organized by the Embassy of Poland in Ottawa jointly with the Polish Tourist Organization from New York, and featured a demonstration of the traditional art of Easter egg painting, as well as samples of authentic Polish sausage from Sikorski Sausages.

Visitors were able to sample our Kabanos, Sucha Krakowska, and Garlic Sausage, which won 1st place in the category of smoked sausage at the Ontario Finest Meat Competition! Make sure to check out our interactive store map today to find your nearest vendor of Sikorski Sausages and take home your own little taste of Poland today!

Visitors had the opportunity to taste traditional Polish Food! DSC_0128

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